Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Oliver has founded, served in leadership, and invested in successful emerging companies.  He has been the idea generator and part of successful teams.  Dr. Oliver now works to pass on his capabilities, teaching Entrepreneurship at UC Irvine and Tufts University.   

3i Venture Capital – Vice President and limited partner in the US operations of this UK-based $13 billion global evergreen private equity fund.  One example investment is deNovis, an innovative company with a superior tool for insurance companies and government payers to develop contracts with employers, and adjudicate claims based on those contracts.  The company’s product was launched and the company sold to IBM.  This is an example of disruptive technology to improve performance within the current healthcare business model.

Private Equity – Dr. Oliver supports PE funds with due diligence and consulting services.  This has included working with some of the most interesting and successful PE investments including Comfort Keepers, Schutt, Team Express and Provider Gateway

BridgeHRO – COO for an emerging company providing outsourced HR systems and services for large companies.  The company developed new systems and services approach for BP Chemicals, a $6 billion global company spinning out of BP.  The systems served as a transition platform allowing BP Chemicals to ultimately be sold and absorbed into larger systems.  BridgeHRO chose at that point to close down operations, as its strategic research suggested (correctly) that the HR outsourcing industry was about the experience a significant downturn. 

UBQC –CEO of a team of Boston University professors and industry experts working to develop a unique method of storing data in a RAID-like method across many computers remotely located.  This proved attractive to dozens of large data centers, who were looking for a better approach to avoid the impact of a system failure.  UBQC allows operations to continue after loss of a single drive (as RAID can do), but also the loss of an entire system or data center.  UBQC received VC funding, but was not ultimately successful in acquiring the patent, and halted operations.

Granitar – Client-facing leadership of teams to build and launch successful web sites together with this fast-growing services company.  One important example is, a destination site for lawyers around the US.  Dr. Oliver’s team of 100 developed a retail store, fee-based on-line continuing education, legal content and a series of club sites for each of the 50 states. 

Practice Management Systems – CFO for a start-up software company providing third-party billing systems for medical practices.  Dr. Oliver managed finances through the earliest stages as the company bootstrapped itself to become the largest competitor in New England.  The company was sold as part of a successful roll-up.